Fort Washington

13551 Fort Washington Road Fort Washington, MD 20744 

Fort Washington

History: Fort Washington defended the Potomac River approach to Washington, DC from 1814 - 1872.

Except for a few guns at the Washington Arsenal, Fort Washington was the only defense for the Nation’s Capital until the Civil War when a circle of temporary forts was built around the city. Battery Rogers and Fort Foote were the only seacoast forts in the system and armed with large Rodman and Parrott cannons.                                                             

Fort Washington was garrisoned as the outer defense for the city. Companies of the First and Fourth Artillery as well as numerous state artillery units passed through the post during the war. 

More to Explore: Follow Route 210, Indian Head Highway, to Piscataway Park, where nature trails through woodlands, wetlands and Piscataway Indian sites provide sweeping views of the Potomac River. Here you can tour the National Colonial Farm, a historic farm museum that demonstrates 18th century agriculture. It is also a certified organic farm used for demonstration and education. 

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Fort Washington Courtyard.