Rich Hill

Bel Alton Newtown Road, Bel Alton, MD 20611

Rich Hill

History: After leaving Dr. Samuel A. Mudd’s house on April 15, 1865, the assassin John Wilkes Booth, and his accomplice David E. Herold circumvented the village of Bryantown, but got lost. They asked for the help of a guide, Oswell Swann. He led them across a swamp to Rich Hill, the home of Samuel Cox. Booth and Herold arrived there after midnight on April 16.

According to Swann, Cox permitted them to enter his house where they stayed for a few hours. Cox then hid them in a nearby pine thicket for a few days. There Booth and Herold received food, newspapers, and information. Samuel Cox later denied that Booth and Herold entered his house, and one of his servants supported his testimony.

More to Explore: Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to Chapel Point State Park on the Port Tobacco River, offering a paddle-in campsite, fishing & hunting.

Several historic sites are also in the area. Adjacent to the state park is Historic St. Ignatius Church, founded in 1641. This is one of the oldest Catholic Parishes in continuous service in the United States. Also nearby is the Friendship House, located on the LaPlata campus of the College of Southern Maryland. This reconstructed colonial home is reminiscent of the life and architecture of Maryland's early settlers.

Photo Credits:
1. “House Belonging to Samuel Cox”   Courtesy of National Park Service.