Village of Bryantown

Bryantown Tavern, Trotter Road, Bryantown, MD 20617

Village of Bryantown

History: On April 15, 1865, the morning after President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, Lt. David D. Dana was pursuing John Wilkes Booth and made Bryantown his headquarters. Booth was only a few miles north hiding out at the home of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd.

Though Booth had visited Bryantown several times in 1864, he did not pass through there during his escape, but went east after leaving Mudd’s house.

Col. Henry H. Wells was in command of the troops pursuing Booth, soon they occupied a tavern, and it later served briefly as the headquarters of Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, who arrived on April 27.  Mudd and others were brought there for questioning, and several remained here before they were transferred to jail in Washington D.C.

More to Explore: Enjoy the outdoors on the Indian Head Rail Trail, a converted abandoned railroad corridor turned 13-mile bike trail. The paved trail on an elevated rail bed connects the Town of Indian Head to Route 301 in White Plains and passes through the Mattawoman Creek stream valley. Cyclists, hikers and nature enthusiasts will experience the tranquility of surrounding mature forests, natural wetlands and occasional farmland.

Photo Credits:
1. “Bryantown Tavern” Courtesy of Maryland Office of Tourism.
   2. “Village of Bryantown Post Civil War” Courtesy of Maryland Office of Tourism.