Stonestreet Medical Museum: "Conflicting Loyalties"

West Middle Lane,

Stonestreet Medical Museum: Conflicting Loyalties

History: Moved from its original location, the Stonestreet Museum displays medical practices used during the war. The museum was formerly the office of Dr. Edward E. Stonestreet, the Montgomery County Examining Surgeon for the Union army. While examining draftees in Washington, D.C., he issued 233 waivers for service. Some men evaded the draft by paying officials or hiring substitutes to enlist for three years.

More to Explore: Walking distance from Stonestreet Museum is Rockville Town Center. Get some coffee, enjoy the local shops, or go ice-skating! Discover more Civil War stories at Peerless Rockville, an award-winning, community-based nonprofit organization founded in 1974 to preserve buildings, objects, and information important to Rockville's heritage. Peerless Rockville is located in the Red Brick Court House, Room 110.

Photo Credits:

  1. "Stonestreet Museum Original Location." Courtesy of Peerless Rockville