Battle of Boonsboro: Buying Time

Old National Road (U.S. Alt 40), Boonsboro, MD 21713

Battle of Boonsboro: Buying Time

History: Following the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart was assigned to locate the Union cavalry and prevent them from severing General Robert E. Lee's avenue of retreat south to Williamsport and the Potomac River. When General Stuart found the Union cavalry, the result was the largest and most sustained cavalry battle in Maryland during the campaign-the Battle of Boonsboro-which occurred here along the National Road on Wednesday, July 8, 1863. General Stuart advanced from the direction of Funkstown and Williamsport and encountered Federal resistance at Beaver Creek Bridge. The terrain was muddy, and fighting on horseback became nearly impossible, forcing Stuart's troopers, Union General H. Judson Kilpatrick and John Buford's Union cavalry to dismount and slug it out like infantry. General Stuart eventually withdrew north to Funkstown, but he had gained another day for Lee's retreating army.

More to Explore: Explore more history at the Boonsborough Museum of History on Main Street. The museum features historical objects spanning 5,000 years including displays of china, glassware, weapons, Civil War artifacts, and John Brown memorabilia. Boonsboro's Main Street provides shopping and dining opportunities. The Inn BoonsBoro, owned by romance novelist Nora Roberts, is housed in the first stone building built in the historic town and provides lodging to couples seeking a romantic get-away.

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  1. "Commercial Hotel and Street Scene in Boonsboro, MD," courtesy of Doug Bast.