Littlestown: "Fair ladies ... long live in peace, prosperity and happiness"

History: Located just south of Gettysburg, Littlestown stood in the path of the Army of the Potomac that continued their search for the Confederate Army. On June 29 1863, Union General H. Judson Kilpatrick arrived here accompanied by his 4,000 strong cavalry division, along with General George Armstrong Custer. Unbeknownst to the Federals, J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry corps was just six miles to the south in Union Mills. They clashed the following day in Hanover, Pennsylvania. From June 29 to July 2, around 30,000 Union soldiers passed through Littlestown on their way to Gettysburg. Littlestown's 700 residents welcomed them with songs, cheers, and food, which raised the soldier's morale considerably.

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Photo Credits:

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