Fairfield: Aftermath of Battle

History: Fairfield, Pennsylvania's residents experienced the wrath of the Civil War twice. About two miles northeast of town, the Battle of Fairfield took place on July 3, 1863,, while the Battle of Gettysburg raged. During the Battle of Fairfield, Union Major Samuel H. Starr's 6th Cavalry Brigade clashed with Confederate General William E. Jones' Cavalry Brigade. Starr was wounded and his regiment became totally overwhelmed. By day's end, over half of Starr's men were killed, wounded, or missing. Starr and the wounded men were cared for in the town's houses and churches. The two following days, General Lee's men retreated from Gettysburg through Fairfield, leaving many of their wounded behind, creating additional hardships for the town. The town claimed $12,000 in damages, incurred by the war.

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Photo Credits:

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