Catoctin Iron Furnace: "No Time For War"

Cunningham Falls State Park Catoctin Furnace Rd, Rt 806, Thurmont MD 21788

Catoctin Iron Furnace: “No Time For War

History: During the war, Catoctin Furnace was owned by John Baker Kunkel. Throughout the war, its production of iron was never interrupted. In fact, there were two furnaces in operation here, and workers shipped three tons of pig iron a day to larger arsenals and forges where war material was made. The ironworks continued to operate even as Union and Confederate soldiers marched by throughout the campaign. Due to the chronic labor shortages of the time, lost soldiers from both the Union and the Confederacy heading south were offered jobs here after Gettysburg.

More to Explore: Catoctin Furnace is situated a midst an idyllic forested landscape perfect for nature enthusiasts. With hiking trails aplenty and a short journey to Cunningham Falls, Catoctin Furnace and the surrounding area offers much to see. Take advantage of the Self-Guided Interpretive Trail and Ruins of the Ironmaster's House - a sign at the furnace points you to these wonderful features. Additionally, the area boasts a wildlife preserve and zoo, as well as a fish farm and hatchery located in nearby Thurmont. Plan your visit around The Catoctin Colorfest, an annual arts & crafts fair that takes place in the thick of October's inspiring foliage.

Photo Credits:

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