En Route to Lincoln’s Inauguration: Threatening News in Pennsylvania

En Route to Lincoln's Inauguration: Threatening News in Pennsylvania

History: President Abraham Lincoln's inaugural train tour started in Springfield, Illinois and arrived in Philadelphia ten days later on February 21, 1861. Here he was informed of an impending plot upon his life in Baltimore. The detective work of Allan Pinkerton and Charles Pomeroy Stone brought Lincoln to change plans after meeting obligations in Pennsylvania.

The following day, Lincoln appeared before Governor Andrew J. Curtin and the State House in Harrisburg and stated "It shall be my endeavor to preserve the peace of this country." Before Lincoln left the city, Pinkerton had telegraph lines out of the city cut, in order to prevent word of the trip from spreading south. Lincoln boarded a special train back to Philadelphia, where he connected with an 11 p.m. train to Baltimore.

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Photo Credits:

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