Barricade at Jones Falls Bridge

Baltimore Riot Trail: Barricade at Jones Falls Bridge

History: En route to Washington, to answer Lincoln's call to defend the nation's capital, several horse drawn train cars transported soldiers of the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment toward Camden Station. Captain Albert Follansbee's units waited at President Street Station. Objects on the track derailed the seventh train car, which carried Major Benjamin Watson's company.

As the train car was reattached, a mob of pro- Confederates attacked with stones and bricks, shattering the car's windows. The train car moved onward and Watson ordered his men to open fire in defense. Meanwhile, Follansbee advanced his companies to Camden Station under duress and reached Jones Falls Bridge, which was barricaded by a cannon and other obstacles. Luckily, the cannon was not loaded or prepped. The companies bypassed the obstacles and carried on.

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