Church Home and Hospital

On N Broadway St 0.1 miles from Fayette Street, in the median, Baltimore MD 21231

Church Home and Hospital

History: Previously known as the Washington Medical College, Church Home and Hospital is where many doctors who served in the Union and Confederate armies trained during the Civil War. On the day of the Baltimore Riot, (April 19, 1861) Episcopal Church deaconess and nursing instructor Adeline Blanchard Tyler was working here when she was summoned to the Holiday Street police station. Despite several obstacles, she managed to rescue two injured soldiers of the 6th Massachusetts infantry so they could receive medical treatment. After surgery, Tyler tended to them until they were able to return to their home state of Massachusetts, where the legislature passed a resolution of appreciation for her services.

More to Explore: Church Home and Hospital is located near Baltimore's Inner Harbor, which offers a wide variety of museums, shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Maryland Science Center, which boasts spectacular hands-on exhibits, an IMAX Theater, and planetarium, is a great place for all ages to explore and let imaginations run wild. You could also take an adventure to the National Aquarium, which is home to a vast array of magnificent species from both land and sea. The 4-D Immersion Theater, 35-foot waterfall, and interactive exhibits provide an incredible experience you won't want to miss!

Photo Credits:

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