Frederick’s B&O Railroad Station: Lincoln proclaims “No malice in my heart.”

Frederick's B&O Railroad Station: "No malice in my heart."

History: President Abraham Lincoln arrived in Frederick, Maryland on October 4, 1862, after viewing the Antietam and South Mountain battlefields. Frederick’s citizens supported many wounded Union soldiers, and their morale was dimly lit. Lincoln presented a speech of gratitude and hope in support of the Union effort on the railroad car platform:

"I return thanks to our soldiers for the good services they have rendered, the energy they have shown, the hardships they have endured, and the blood they have shed for this Union of ours... And also return thanks not only to the soldiers, but to the good citizens of Frederick, ... for their devotion to this glorious cause; and I say this with no malice in my heart toward those who have done otherwise."

More to Explore: Frederick is a bustling city with historic character and an abundance of culture. Its popular Arts & Entertainment District offers galleries and theater, and the downtown area boasts dining options to please any palate, as well as shopping, antiques, lodging, and numerous parks. A favorite is the mile-long brick walk along Carroll Creek in the heart of the city. The park features a caf'e, amphitheater, market, artwork, and water elements for relaxation.

Downtown Frederick and neighboring Baker Park often play host to special events such as summer concerts, art events and children's theatrical performances. Frederick County is also home for three of Maryland's six remaining covered bridges. Pick up a driving tour brochure at the Frederick Visitor Center on S. East Street.

Photo Credits:

  1. "Drawing of President Lincoln’s 1862 speech to the residents of Frederick from the back of a B&O railroad car." Courtesy of Historical Society of Frederick County.