Raiders at Hayfields

Shawan Road, Cockeysville MD 21030

Raiders at Hayfields

History: On July 10, 1864, Confederate Maj. Harry Gilmor and Gen. Bradley T. Johnson entered Baltimore County and arrived at Hayfields, the home of John Merryman, a Southern sympathizer. The raiders burned area railroad bridges, but Merryman persuaded Johnson to spare the Ashland Iron Works, an important local industry.

Merryman was a member of the Baltimore County Horse Guards. Three years earlier when the Civil War was just beginning, the unit helped burn railroad bridges on April 19, 1861, to keep Pennsylvania volunteers from reaching Baltimore and Washington. As a result, Federal authorities arrested Merryman and imprisoned him at Fort McHenry without an indictment.

After the war was over, Merryman continued to raise cattle at Hayfields. He also kept the written order from Johnson to spare the Ashland Iron Works, which continued to function until the 1880s. Merryman's home is now part of a private golf club.

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Photo Credits:

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