Urbana: Capture and Escape

3636 Urbana Pike, Frederick MD 21704

Urbana: Capture and Escape

History: The ending of the Battle of Monocacy occured during the Union retreat on July 9, 1864, as Lt. Col. David Clendenin's 8th Illinois Cavalry withdrew down the Georgetown Pike toward Urbana. Confederate Maj. Frederick Smith's 17th Virginia Cavalry was in close pursuit. In the streets of Urbana, the Virginians suffered a setback when the Confederate flag bearer was shot in the shoulder, and the Union cavalrymen seized the flag.

The Union prisoners captured at Monocacy were forced to march with their captors on July 10.l Early's army halted briefly in Urbana, and the prisoners were permitted to rest along the roadside. Several of them occupied Mrs. Windsor's yard near here, and she took their names so she could inform their families. In the general confusion, three of the prisoners managed to escape.

More to Explore: Relax and enjoy a tennis match at Urbana Community Park, which is equipped with picnic facilities, ball fields, lighted tennis courts and a playground.

For an outdoor adventure, slop on over to Buckeystown Park to launch a canoe or kayak and paddle the Monocacy Scentic River Water Trail, a delightful way to explore the picturesque countryside. Trail maps are availabel at the frederick Visitor Center or through Frederick County Parks and Recreation.

Photo Credits:

1. "Capture of the Flag." Courtesy of Monocacy National Battlefield.